Workgroup Discussing 911 Public Awareness Campaign


  • Hospital Council and CHA
  • Sacramento area hospital and fire agency communications professionals


Hospital Council has been convening Sacramento region hospital executives, fire chiefs, the Sacramento County Department of Health Services, and emergency medical services leadership to discuss ambulance patient offload times (APOT), which continue to strain the health care system. Hospital CEOs and fire chiefs agreed to collaborate to educate the public on appropriate usage of the 911 system to reduce calls for non-emergent situations, thus reducing the strain on ambulance and emergency department resources.

Takeaway/Next Steps

Develop messaging on what constitutes proper usage of 911 services. A workgroup was established to plan a joint earned media event. Another workgroup is coordinating efforts to use the websites and social media platforms of participating organizations to communicate with the public. To be prepared for surges and dramatically increasing APOT in the future, the coalition is also planning a more robust media campaign (e.g., print, radio, digital content for social media).