Pamela Eck

Hospital Council Offers Help with New CalAIM Programs

Who What Hospital Council is helping hospitals that are considering participation in two ​California Advancing and​ Innovating Medi-Cal programs — Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports (CS). The state has contracted with companies to facilitate meetings of hospitals, health plans, clinics, counties, community benefit organizations, and more to help adopt and implement ECM and […]

Recent Storms Highlight the Need for Dependable Backup Power

Who What During this month’s storms, Hospital Council was in daily contact with PG&E to stay on top of the outages for hospitals in the North State. Despite the severity of the storms, few hospitals were impacted and PG&E quickly re-energized them, often in minutes or a few hours. There were a few hospitals that […]

Workgroup to Focus on Improving Care Transitions for Challenging Patient Populations

Who What The Sacramento Regional Behavioral Health Task Force has established a new workgroup to develop a process for coordinating the care of patients with developmental disabilities. These individuals are often unable to access necessary psychiatric care due to the complexity of their dual diagnoses.  Next Steps The workgroup will invite Alta California Regional Center […]

Humboldt County Quake, Aftershocks Shake Residents

Who What One year to the day from when an earthquake shook Fortuna, a 6.4-magnitude quake rattled Humboldt County in the early hours of Dec. 20, 2022. Importantly, all four Humboldt County hospitals continued patient care throughout the event and the subsequent aftershocks and power outages. As of early this week, Humboldt County hospitals were […]

Staff Concerns, Wages Reach Local Government Boards in Northern Sierra

What Hospital Council, which monitors the agendas of county Boards of Supervisors, has heard reports that counties are facing the same workforce issues as hospitals and other businesses. These issues — wages and retention — are impacting local governments across the state. For example, one Northern Sierra Board of Supervisors recently heard that its Behavioral […]

Sacramento Area Hospitals Examine Workforce Development

Who What On Nov. 9, the Sacramento-Sierra section met to explore local health care workforce development opportunities. The dearth of hospital nursing workforce is particularly acute in specialized areas. Hospitals currently find their own ways to “upskill” staff to meet their needs. Members agreed that it is worth considering how a hospital nurse training consortium […]

Sonoma County Welcomes Tristan Ivy, CEO of Santa Rosa Behavioral Healthcare

What On Dec. 7, CEOs from Sonoma County’s hospitals gathered at La Gare’s well-heated patio to welcome their newest leader, Tristan Ivy of Santa Rosa Behavioral Healthcare. Between lively debates over Sonoma’s best hamburger (the jury remains out), leaders discussed full facilities, recruitment challenges, and the lack of availability of behavioral health services in the […]

Humboldt County Assumes Leadership of Crisis Triage Project

Who What Since June, Hospital Council, along with not-for-profit OneFifteen, has been convening a wide range of stakeholders in Humboldt County to discuss optimizing care for behavioral health patients in the county. The discussion has specifically focused on individuals who linger in the emergency department for lack of services. Through a course of working sessions, […]

Central Valley Restarts Surge Meetings

Who What The Central Valley’s Kern and Fresno/Madera/Tulare/Kings (FMTK) County sections have restarted regular meetings for members to coordinate with public health to coordinate and address the issues that are arising from the current surge. Hospital Council will participate in the Kern Section’s monthly meetings when they begin again this week. In the FMTK Section, […]

Bay Area Holds RSV Coordination Calls

Who What Hospital Council regional vice presidents from the South Bay, San Francisco/Marin, and East Bay organized a call with hospitals and the regional disaster medical health director to discuss respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and respiratory needs for pediatric patients, as well as to better understand the needs of children’s hospitals. That meeting led to […]