Section Update

Bay Area Holds RSV Coordination Calls


  • South Bay, San Francisco/Marin, and East Bay hospitals


Hospital Council regional vice presidents from the South Bay, San Francisco/Marin, and East Bay organized a call with hospitals and the regional disaster medical health director to discuss respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and respiratory needs for pediatric patients, as well as to better understand the needs of children’s hospitals. That meeting led to Stanford/South Bay coordinating a call and extending it to hospitals across the Hospital Council region, including those in Fresno and Davis.   The sentiment was the same — hospitals are overwhelmed and need immediate support. Some children’s hospitals are discussing crisis standards of care, as they’re seeing a continued lack of resources, including staffing and beds. Recent data showing that RSV has plateaued aren’t indicative of hospitals’ experience. They continue to see a surge of patients and expect it to continue into the new year.

The South Bay will hold follow-up meetings with organizers for additional requests and planning. In Santa Clara County, COOs have asked Hospital Council to coordinate weekly calls to discuss current COVID-19, flu, and RSV numbers.