Section Update

CHNA Campaign in Monterey Increases Community Participation


  • Monterey County hospitals
  • Monterey County Health Department
  • United Way of Monterey County
  • Hospital Council


Hospitals in Monterey County are working collaboratively with the County Health Department, United Way of Monterey County, and the Hospital Council in developing a joint Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The CHNA Collaborative has come together and developed a public relations campaign to encourage the community to participate in an online survey to help identify community health needs.  

The campaign launched on April 4 with a press release, public service announcements, and news stories in several media outlets. In addition, the group is working with various community, nonprofit, and business groups to build engagement. The online survey and key informant interviews closed in late May. The CHNA Collaborative is thrilled with the results of over 3,000 online surveys, 800 phone surveys, and well over 200 key informant interviews.    

Take Away / Next Steps

Hold community meeting with key stakeholders to begin the prioritization process.