Section Update

Discharge Planning and Transitions of Care Workgroup Develops Resources for Hospital Staff


  • Sacramento Region:
    • Hospital social work managers
    • County behavioral health department staff
    • Children law center attorneys
    • Child Protective Services counsel
    • Other mental health professionals


The Sacramento Regional Behavioral Health Task Force (convened by the Hospital Council) established a discharge planning and transitions of care workgroup to guide the process to release adolescent patients, yet placement options are scarce.

The workgroup had previously developed a guide for hospital staff who receive young patients involved in child protective services or probation and need behavioral health care — Caring for System-Involved Youth in Acute Hospital Settings: Step-by-Step Guide for Hospital Personnel. One key element of that protocol is the recommendation that an in-person, virtual, or telephonic care conference happen as early as possible for all youth who will be transitioning from the hospital to another setting/placement.

The workgroup has now developed a separate Placement of System Involved Youth Discharged from Psychiatric Hold: Step-by-Step Guide for Psychiatric Facility, Child Welfare Agency/Probation and Child’s Attorney for youth involuntarily hospitalized under Welfare and Institutions Codes.

Next Steps

To accompany both decision-making tools, the workgroup is creating a list of hospital emergency departments and inpatient mental health facilities for the Department of Child, Family, and Adult Services to contact when a dependent child has been placed on a mental health hold.