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Advocacy Work Continues with Laguna Honda

Who What One of the most significant and pressing issues for the section is the fate of Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco’s largest skilled-nursing facility (the largest of its kind in the state). It was decertified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) several months ago, triggering a series of challenges for the […]

The Cost of the Status Quo: The Consequences of Prolonged ED Boarding 

The Washington Post recently published the article “An autistic teen needed mental health help. He spent weeks in an ER instead.” It is beyond distressing to hear repeated stories about the suffering of patients and families like Zach’s, spending days and in this case months in the emergency department waiting for a transition to behavioral […]

After Years of Meeting Virtually, a Chance to Gather In-Person

Earlier this week, the Hospital Council Board of Trustees held its first in-person meeting since January 2020. While the board continued to meet regularly yet virtually throughout the pandemic, it was great to have both our current board members and our new incoming board members in-person for this occasion.

California Hospital Association Political Action Committee

With every new member, CHPAC grows stronger.

CHPAC is the political advocacy arm for you, your hospital and your patients. Together, we form the foundation upon which CHA’s member hospitals and health systems build relationships.

CHPAC exists to elect, educate and build rapport with legislators and officials who understand the important role hospitals play in our state.

CHPAC provides campaign financing to officeholders and candidates who are concerned about and committed to better health care for all Californians.

CHPAC determines which candidates to support based on qualifications, knowledge, sensitivity and responsiveness to health care issues.

Your donation will ensure a strong voice for hospitals and health systems when decisions are made that affect hospitals’ ability to fulfill their missions. CHPAC helps ensure that elected officials making these important decisions understand the fundamental roles hospitals and health systems play in the future of health care.

Your voice is key to our call for better health care policy.

Northern Sierra Section Meets in Redding

Who Northern Sierra Section leaders What The Northern Sierra Section of the Hospital Council met on Sept. 13 in Redding. The meeting had almost 100% attendance and included a lively discussion with considerable feedback on how the recent seismic and minimum wage proposal played out. There is much concern about the negative impact of minimum […]

Discharge Planning and Transitions of Care Workgroup Develops Resources for Hospital Staff

Who Sacramento Region: Hospital social work managers County behavioral health department staff Children law center attorneys Child Protective Services counsel Other mental health professionals What The Sacramento Regional Behavioral Health Task Force (convened by the Hospital Council) established a discharge planning and transitions of care workgroup to guide the process to release adolescent patients, yet […]

HC Hosts Redwood Coast Section Meeting

Who Redwood Coast Section CEOs and designees What Gathering together at the Historic Carter House Inn in Eureka, Redwood Coast Section CEOs and designees discussed a range of topics from the future of medical reimbursement rates to seismic retrofitting and employee retention bonuses. Topline issues continue to be workforce, housing availability, and the myriad challenges […]

Sutter Coast Celebrates Award of Grant to Fund Rural Residency Program in Crescent City

Who Sutter Coast hospital leadership Elected representatives from Crescent City Sutter regional leadership What On Oct. 4, local elected leaders, Sutter regional leadership, and the leadership of Sutter Coast hospital gathered with select community members to celebrate the announcement of their receipt of $750,000 to start a rural residency training program. Maintaining a robust health […]