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XFERALL Launches in California

XFERALL — a real-time, national behavioral health network that proactively matches patient needs to facility capabilities — is launching this month in California.  The platform expedites outbound patient transfers and accelerates inbound patient referrals with a feature rich electronic platform that streamlines and automates every step of the patient transfer process. Hospital Council — Northern […]

Hospital Council Offers Help with New CalAIM Programs

Who What Hospital Council is helping hospitals that are considering participation in two ​California Advancing and​ Innovating Medi-Cal programs — Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports (CS). The state has contracted with companies to facilitate meetings of hospitals, health plans, clinics, counties, community benefit organizations, and more to help adopt and implement ECM and […]

Recent Storms Highlight the Need for Dependable Backup Power

Who What During this month’s storms, Hospital Council was in daily contact with PG&E to stay on top of the outages for hospitals in the North State. Despite the severity of the storms, few hospitals were impacted and PG&E quickly re-energized them, often in minutes or a few hours. There were a few hospitals that […]

Workgroup to Focus on Improving Care Transitions for Challenging Patient Populations

Who What The Sacramento Regional Behavioral Health Task Force has established a new workgroup to develop a process for coordinating the care of patients with developmental disabilities. These individuals are often unable to access necessary psychiatric care due to the complexity of their dual diagnoses.  Next Steps The workgroup will invite Alta California Regional Center […]


Supplier diversity programs — which build on the economic impact purchases have on historically underutilized and underserved communities — have roots in the 1953 creation of the Small Business Administration (SBA).   The SBA was created as an independent agency of the federal government. Its mission is to help small-business owners and entrepreneurs pursue the “American […]

XFERALL — New Behavioral Health Patient Transfer Technology Launching in California

Hospital Council is hosting a Feb. 7 webinar that will provide an overview and share updates on the implementation of XFERALL. This tool was designed to help hospitals reduce the strain on overcrowded emergency departments and quickly transfer behavioral health patients to appropriate inpatient treatment facilities. XFERALL, a national patient transfer network, provides a complete intake/transfer center […]