Section Update

Planning for RSV in the Bay Area


  • Bay Area region hospitals


Hospital Council is working with regional medical health operational area coordinators to organize a Bay Area call regarding respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The purpose is to gain a better understanding of how RSV is affecting our local hospitals and see if there is a need for level loading. We are asking for the hospitals to be prepared with the following information:

  • Number of RSV patients they have admitted
  • Number of RSV in the emergency department (ED)
  • Number of RSV patients waiting in the ED to be admitted
  • Are you able to surge – if so, how many staffable beds do you have (keeping in mind this number is fluid)
  • Any immediate needs at this time  

The call will not be a mandatory call for hospitals. It will be only for those who would like more information or are affected by RSV. This is intended to be a high-level call with the C-suite and should only last about 30 minutes.

There will be further discussion regarding follow-up calls and cadence.