South Bay

About South Bay

Hospital Council’s South Bay section includes Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties, home to eight hospitals that represent over 1,200 licensed beds.






RVP Roundup

Hospitals in Santa Clara County have been meeting daily to share information on hospital status and issues of concern, identify and address level-loading needs, and discuss vaccination strategies.

The Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services Agency is concerned about patient offload times at certain hospitals. The medical director is investigating new, creative workflows to help with some of the hardest hit hospitals, with a goal of getting 911 ambulances back into the system as quickly as possible. CHA staff, RVP Jo Coffaro, and several hospital […]

Economic and Health Impact of Hospitals in Santa Clara County

Hospitals in Santa Clara County are strong drivers in the local economy, deliver high quality patient care, provide “safety net” services to residents in need, improve community health outcomes and serve as a vital element in the region’s emergency response plans. Hospitals and hospital-related spending, such as long-term care facilities, generate $18.5 billion in spending […]