Section Update

Sutter Coast Celebrates Award of Grant to Fund Rural Residency Program in Crescent City


  • Sutter Coast hospital leadership
  • Elected representatives from Crescent City
  • Sutter regional leadership


On Oct. 4, local elected leaders, Sutter regional leadership, and the leadership of Sutter Coast hospital gathered with select community members to celebrate the announcement of their receipt of $750,000 to start a rural residency training program. Maintaining a robust health care delivery system in rural areas does so much more than ensure timely and appropriate care for residents — hospitals are often an economic mainstay of a small town and their existence provides strong jobs where associates are proud to provide care to their friends and neighbors. However, a lack of physicians — especially critical primary care physicians — in rural areas can be a prohibitive barrier for hospitals. The new rural residency program, which shares residents between Sutter Coast and Sutter Santa Rosa, recruits residents who’ve expressed a specific interest in the provision of rural health care. These residents will not only complete their training alongside prospective future coworkers, but they’ll also have the opportunity to put down roots in these special communities and are more likely to stay long-term.