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2020’s Been a Challenge, But We Are Stronger Together

Council Thoughts

If 2020 has felt like an ultramarathon with a finish line that keeps moving, you’re not alone. 

2020 has been many things:

  • The year of COVID-19
  • The year of wildfires
  • The year of intense discussions and demonstrations about social justice
  • The year of distance learning
  • The year of quarantining and not seeing friends and family like we used to

Add in an election year, and it’s safe to say that 2020 has also been the year of uncertainty.

However, uncertainty doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes, it can be a guiding light. For Hospital Council, this guiding light is the OneTeam — which consists of the California Hospital Association, Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties, Hospital Association of Southern California, Hospital Quality Institute — and our OneTeam values.

Our OneTeam met virtually this week to review the work we have done with you and what lies ahead for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. We found that the OneTeam foundation is solid, strong, and resilient — and our path has never been clearer. Shaped by our principles and following our mission to support members as they care for all Californians in all ways, we are thrilled to report our guiding light is shining bright.

You and your fellow hospitals and systems have had to shift gears, sometimes mid-stream, and adjust your plans to:

  • Recalculate budgets
  • Increase surge capacity
  • Flex and support a strained workforce
  • Develop new care pathways
  • Find new solutions to supply chain issues
  • Navigate onerous public health orders

Our OneTeam has had to adjust as well.

In March, we greatly expanded our regional (home) offices throughout the state, and have spent much of the past year listening, consoling, empathizing, strategizing, guiding, and supporting members. While the views from our “office” windows may look different, and many of us have taken on additional duties — teachers, hall monitors, lunch ladies, IT repair, and more — our core work has remained the same.

Despite the challenges that may come our way as we leave 2020 behind and head into a new year, we’ll continue to support, engage, and advocate on things like supply chain problems, patient transfers, local, regional, state, and federal regulatory issues, and whatever else the pandemic may throw at all of us.

While all the Regional Associations do great work individually, none of this would be possible without the OneTeam — which is your team — because we are exponentially more effective and efficient when we work together.