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Accurate Webinar a Good Refresher on Hiring Compliance

When hiring new employees, background checks are a critical part of the process. They can help employers make informed decisions about who they want to hire and allow access to a business’s information, property, and customers. With the laws ever-changing, this webinar from from endorsed business partner Accurate — How to Compliantly Hire Someone — is a good refresher on the hiring and background check processes.

In this fifth installment of the webinar series, at 11 a.m. (PT) on Dec. 9, legal experts will discuss:

  • When and how to order a background check
  • Evaluating potentially disqualifying information
  • Notices that are required when taking action against an applicant or employee
  • Action items to discuss with stakeholders to balance the risk of negligent hiring claims against the risk of a Fair Credit Reporting Act class action

The session will also include time for Q&A. Register today.