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Alameda and Contra Costa Counties Allocate ARPA Funding to COVID-19 Expenditures


  • Alameda County Board of Supervisors
  • Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors


This month, both the Alameda and Contra Costa County Boards of Supervisors held public meetings about ARPA. Contra Costa County supervisors voted unanimously to allocate all of the county’s current ARPA funding — $112 million — to the Contra Costa Health Services Department for ongoing COVID-19 public health and health care expenditures. Alameda County supervisors held a special listening session. The Alameda County board received requests for over $1.2 billion in ARPA funding. Three Alameda County hospitals — Alameda Health System, St. Rose Hospital, and Washington Hospital — are together seeking funding for COVID-19 relief. The Alameda County Health Care Services Agency is also seeking funding for its continued public health response to the pandemic, with a focus on community-based testing, vaccine support, contact tracing and investigation, continued operation of hotels for the unsheltered, and mental health services. Alameda County supervisors signaled that funding health care services for vulnerable populations/communities, especially needed services related to the pandemic, is a high priority. 

Takeaway/Next Steps

Starting in November, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors will have quarterly ARPA funding updates at its meetings. Alameda County supervisors will consider recommended ARPA allocations on Sept. 21 and take final action on Sept. 28. 


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