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COVID-19 Vaccines Vital to All Californians


When it comes to fighting COVID-19, nothing should be off the table. Keeping Californians safe and protecting them from this deadly virus is — and must be — the top priority. And the state’s “first-in-the-nation” mandate of COVID-19 vaccines for health care workers is crucial to containing the virus.

This state public health officer order issued on Aug. 5 is necessary to protect the state’s vulnerable populations and to keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. As we’ve seen over the past 18 months, this is a dynamic situation and the guidance will continue to evolve. 

Although “breakthrough” cases are still possible in those who are vaccinated, the California Department of Public Health says recent outbreaks in health care settings have frequently been traced to unvaccinated staff members. Vaccination has been proven to greatly reduce the risk of serious illness and hospitalization, which is why CHA and Hospital Council publicly supported this mandate.

The vaccine is something that we all wished for 365 days ago. It is now here, widely available, and effective — and a critical tool to keep our health care workers and the patients they care for safe from COVID-19’s devasting effects.

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