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East Bay Section Holds Meeting


Alameda, Contra Costs, and Solano hospital members


On March 16, Rebecca Rozen convened East Bay hospital leaders for the quarterly membership meeting — the first held in-person since the pandemic. The meeting started with a discussion of the financial challenges facing hospitals and how to tell the East Bay hospital story to the county supervisors and city leaders we will meet with in the next few months. Hospitals alone can’t fix the problems in the health care delivery system or the complex social needs of their patients. Local elected leaders will need to stand up and support greater state and federal funding for hospitals, as well as help us address workforce challenges.

Hospitals also shared their tentative plans for masking after the public health order ends on April 3. Throughout the pandemic East Bay hospitals have strived to be in alignment with the state to ensure a consistent, high standard of care for patients throughout the region. Finally, St. Rose Hospital shared its experience and lessons learned from a cyberattack late last year. Hospitals walked away with list of recommendations on how they can be better prepared should they be the next victims.