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Giving Thanks for All You Do


It’s been 20 months since Gov. Newsom first declared a state of emergency in California, and in that time so much has changed — but at the same time, it hasn’t. While COVID-19 hospitalizations have remained fairly flat in many parts of the state, the significant rise in the Central Valley is raising concerns about an increase throughout the state after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, as hospitalizations have surged, and then fallen, and surged again, hospital employees have continued to show up — day in and day out — working tirelessly to meet the demands and ensure that patients receive the care they need.

While many of us will gather with family and friends to give thanks tomorrow, some of you will be continuing the lifesaving work that you have been doing throughout the pandemic. Whether you work in direct patient care or in a support role, your job is vital to the communities you serve. Your altruistic and noble actions have helped keep us safe, and we are grateful for your sacrifice and selflessness.

To all who have kept our hospitals going, and to their families and friends who have been their support system and a shoulder to lean on, our sincerest thanks for all that do and will continue to do.

If your Thanksgiving doesn’t allow time for you to pause and take a break, I encourage you to follow the words of author Anne Lamott and do so when possible: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes … including you.”

Other Items of Interest  

Just one note this week — if you and your friends/family are looking for something to watch other than football, check out these memorable Thanksgiving TV episodes that are available to stream. Personally, I am partial to the classic WKRP In Cincinnati.

Have a great, safe, and happy Thanksgiving!