CEO Messages

Honoring Our Hospitals and Health Care Workers During Thanksgiving

Hospitals are important to the fabric of our communities. They provide a refuge for people during times of need, and it’s important that we recognize the people behind them. Throughout all the unexpected disasters that life throws at us — wildfires, earthquakes, or even a pandemic — health care workers have continued to show up for their patients.

Whether it’s helping a new life to be born or trying to save a life, hospital employees are tirelessly working to ensure that patients receive the care they need, when they need it. In doing so, they provide a beacon of hope.

Many of us will gather with family and friends to give thanks tomorrow, but some of you will be continuing the lifesaving work you do for others. I hope you know that your job is vital to the communities you serve, whether you work in direct patient care or in a support role. Your selfless actions help to keep us safe, and we are grateful for your sacrifice and dedication.

Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to say “thank you” to our doctors, nurses, and other health care workers, but it’s important that we remember to show them gratitude year-round. To all who have kept our hospitals going, and to their families and friends who have been their support system, our sincerest thanks for all that you do.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!