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Hospital Council Holds Redwood Coast CEO Section Meeting


  • David Neil, Chief Executive, Mad River Community Hospital
  • Douglas Shaw, CEO, Mad River Community Hospital
  • Pamela Floyd, Chief Compliance Officer, Mad River Community Hospital
  • Matt Rees, CEO/Administrator, Jerold Phelps Community Hospital
  • Mitch Hanna, CEO, Sutter Coast Hospital
  • Roberta Luskin-Hawk, MD, Chief Executive, Providence St. Joseph Hospital Eureka
  • Kirsten Barlow, Vice President, Policy, CHA
  • Gideon Baum, Vice President, Policy, CHA
  • Meghan Hardin, Regional Vice President, Hospital Council – Northern & Central California
  • Kami Martin, Regional Coordinator, Hospital Council – Northern & Central California


Meghan Hardin opened with an overview of Hospital Council and CHA priorities, with seismic concerns being top of mind for most members in the Redwood Coast Section. Hardin also relayed details from ongoing meetings with PG&E that highlighted the growing challenges associated with the state’s ongoing drought, new enhanced powerline safety settings that are being introduced, their commitment to supporting California hospitals, and their strong partnership with Hospital Council.

CHA’s Kirsten Barlow, vice president, policy, then discussed legislative proposals related to behavioral health. This includes funding for housing, social workers/treatment, provider workforce expansion, and 988 (the alternative to 911 specifically for those in a behavioral health or other crisis). CEOs who were present agreed that their facilities struggle mightily with behavioral health patient transport, beds available within a county, an increase in 5150 holds (some by as much as 200%) during COVID-19, and an increase in pediatric 5150 holds. Barlow plans to follow up individually with facilities and visit them later in the spring.

CHA’s Gideon Baum then recapped significant CHA wins from 2021, including hazard pay and workers’ compensation bills; unfortunately, the workers’ compensation challenge continues.  Baum also touched on Senate Bill 1212, which would introduce transparency into temporary labor agency equity. Baum concluded with a rousing discussion of 2024 and 2030 seismic standards — issues of vital importance to the survival of rural hospitals.

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