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Hospital Council To Host Webinar On Energy Savings Program For PG&E Health Care Customers 

During a June 8 webinar hosted by Hospital Council, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about PG&E’s Healthcare Energy Fitness Initiative.   

This program is a comprehensive energy efficiency solution designed to support PG&E health care customers save money by optimizing their energy performance. It provides no-cost expert technical services, end-to-end project support, and financial incentives to qualifying customers.    

PG&E’s team of experienced energy experts and delivery partners, along with account managers, will help projects get identified, approved, funded, and completed so hospitals can focus on delivering patient care.  

In addition, on June 15 from 1-2 p.m. (PT), PG&E will host a webinar on Non-Residential Rates. Changes to energy rates can impact businesses and this is an opportunity to hear about updates: 

  • Electric rates forecast 
  • Gas rates forecast 
  • Net Billing Tariff and Solar Billing Plan update 
  • Resources and tools to help manage energy usage 

Attendees can join anonymously on the Teams live platform. This meeting will be recorded, and a link will be available on the PG&E website after the webinar.