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Hospitals Impacted by Santa Clara County Budget Concerns


  • Santa Clara County 
  • Hospitals owned and operated by Santa Clara County 


Santa Clara County’s budget work has begun for the coming fiscal year, and questions regarding changes to excess Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund (ERAF) allocation are at the forefront. As one of five counties that have excess ERAFs, Santa Clara County uses the supplemental funds for a variety of activities to support operations and important programs. If the allocation of the “minimum funding” results in a larger amount, the available excess is reduced for programs that have been relying on these funds for both county and city services.   

County-owned hospitals are not typically direct recipients of funds, but because little is understood about the state’s reallocation plans, there are questions about the potential impact on county-run hospitals and important community health work supported through county and city funds. 

Takeaway/Next Steps

Hospital Council will continue to watch the county’s budget moves and the potential impact on our member hospitals.


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