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Legislators Need to Understand How Minimum Wage Bill Jeopardizes Hospital Services       

A bill that would raise the minimum wage for all health care workers in all settings in California to $21 in 2024 and $25 starting in 2025 is being heard today in the Assembly Labor Committee. The bill also calls for the minimum wage to increase annually by 3.5% or the Consumer Price Index, whichever is lesser.  

The CHA team, with help from hospital leaders, has been advocating hard against this bill in Sacramento. Now, with legislators back in their districts, it is the right time to make sure they understand the critical services hospitals provide and the risk of losing those services should this bill pass. There is no question this law would reduce access to medical services, increase health care costs, and diminish health care employment opportunities.  

It is when legislators are home, meeting with their constituents, that they need to hear from you firsthand, whether it’s via text, call, or in-person meetings. Time is growing short this legislative session and it’s critical that legislators hear from as many hospital leaders as possible so we can work to preserve vital health care services.   

The legislative break from next week through mid-August will be a strong opportunity for hospital leaders to reach out to their Assembly members.   

Specifically, we are asking hospital leaders to contact their Assembly members between July 17 and Aug. 14. The following materials are available for your use or customization:  

Health care workers deserve fair wages, but an $8 billion overnight increase in the statewide cost of health care will only cause the most vulnerable Californians to suffer. It’s time to bring that message home to policymakers whose understanding of this issue will deepen through your outreach and candid conversations.