CEO Messages

Highlighting the Importance of Nurses and Health Care Workers

This week, hospitals throughout our region, California, and the country are celebrating National Nurses Week, which started on May 6 and ends on May 12 to coincide with the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a founder of modern nursing. The American Nurses Association states that this year’s theme is “Nurses Make the Difference,” which “honors the incredible nurses who embody the spirit of compassion and care in every health care setting.”  

Hospital Council recognizes that nurses have a significant impact on a patient’s hospital experience. Nurses are at a patient’s bedside and understand what the patients go through; they see the patients when they come in, during treatment, and when they are discharged. When a family member or I have been in the hospital, we see nurses not only serve as caregivers, but also as counselors, advocates, and educators.  

As National Hospital Week approaches next week, it’s important for elected officials at all levels to understand the challenges hospitals are facing. We’ve seen hospitals close, file for bankruptcy, and survive wildfires and seismic events. Hospitals in California are facing financial and regulatory challenges that impact patients’ ability to access quality care. Hospital Council recognizes these challenges and is working with hospitals and educational providers to ensure workforce issues are being addressed. 

Despite these challenges, your hospitals continue lifesaving work to ensure patients receive the care they need when they need it. To all the nurses and health care workers in the Hospital Council region and beyond — thank you for your dedication and service to others. Every employee is vital to the success of hospitals, which simply could not function without all of you.