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Priorities Roundup


The California Hospital Association’s (CHA’s) bill to provide relief from the 2030 seismic construction mandate is on the Senate Appropriations Committee suspense file, which will be taken up on May 16. Senate Bill 1432 passed the Senate Health Committee last month on an 11-0 vote.  

Information and resources are available on CHA’s seismic information page.  


On April 24, the Office of Health Care Affordability Board (OHCA) approved a five-year health care spending target for 2025-29 that will be phased in as follows:  

  • 3.5% non-enforceable target in 2025  
  • 3.5% enforceable target in 2026  
  • 3.2% enforceable target in 2027  
  • 3.2% enforceable target in 2028  
  • 3.0% enforceable target in 2029  

The growth target sets up the significant potential for unintended consequences resulting from the disconnect between the low targets and the costs of providing high-quality care to patients. CHA’s public statement on the decision shares with the media the hospital field’s ongoing, high-level concerns with the target.  

CHA will continue to engage with the board as this target and its impacts begin to play out over the coming months and years.  

Insurer Accountability 

On April 23, the California Hospital Association filed a lawsuit against Anthem Blue Cross, one of California’s largest health insurance companies. 

The lawsuit notes the insurance giant consistently leaves thousands of its patients stranded in hospital beds long after they have been medically cleared for discharge, a violation of California law.  

For information on statewide media coverage, refer to the CHA News article.