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Summit Attendees Brainstorm Ideas to Address Central Valley’s Nursing Shortage


  • Member hospitals
  • Rep. Jim Costa
  • Academic partners from Bakersfield to Los Banos


In late June, Rep. Jim Costa hosted a nursing summit for representatives from academia, health care, elected officials’ offices, and the Board of Registered Nursing to brainstorm ideas to combat the nursing workforce shortage in the Central San Joaquin Valley. Attendees were divided into groups and given questions to solve with out-of-the-box solutions from those on the front line of the issues. Valerie Norvell represented Hospital Council and helped to facilitate a breakout discussion.

Takeaway / Next Steps

Congressman Costa and his staff are taking the ideas presented back to his office to work with other elected officials on ways to incorporate some of the suggestions into potential legislation that will combat the nursing shortage. They hope to regroup again in the fall for a progress report and further discussion.