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Wildfire Season Begins for Hospitals

Parties Involved

Two hospitals, PG&E, California Office of Emergency Services, other state agencies


The 2021 wildfire season has begun for hospitals, with the Dixie and Fly fires impacting Seneca and Plumas District Hospitals. While the situation is still evolving and both hospitals are close to the flames, both are safe. That said, both have been significantly impacted with smoke, power outages, and the need to move some patients and limit some services. Banner Lassen in Susanville was also impacted by the Dixie fire. The community, served by Lassen Municipal Utility District, was without power for 102 hours. That and evacuations greatly affected hospital staff. The hospital itself stayed open on back-fed and emergency power. It appears that many of the agencies involved are well prepared this year. The California Department of Public Health opened a command center, pharmacies are on the list of places to keep operational, and PG&E has provided back-up generators when the grid went down or was in danger of going down.

Takeaway/Next Steps

It’s the time of year to be prepared for the worst by keeping back-up plans ready and cell numbers of those who can help handy. Please remember to include Hospital Council’s contact information in that, as we will help whenever and wherever possible.