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XFERALL Launches in California

XFERALL — a real-time, national behavioral health network that proactively matches patient needs to facility capabilities — is launching this month in California. 

The platform expedites outbound patient transfers and accelerates inbound patient referrals with a feature rich electronic platform that streamlines and automates every step of the patient transfer process. Hospital Council — Northern & Central California has partnered with XFERALL to address behavioral health boarding and overcrowded emergency departments. 

Not only does XFERALL connect patients to facilities, but it also links health care professionals to facilities with the resources to treat specific patient conditions. The platform and companion mobile app can be implemented with any hospital and crisis response operation to convert the transferring of behavioral patients into a completely digitally streamlined process. 

Shasta Regional Medical Center in Redding is joining the XFERALL Behavioral Health Patient Transfer Network this month. Mark Mitchelson, the hospital’s chief nursing officer, describes his hospital’s motivation to improve the experience for community members experiencing a behavioral health crisis.  

“Shasta Regional is very excited to partner with XFERALL in 2023,” said Mitchelson. “We believe this program will enhance the collaboration between facilities in the region and provide a positive experience for our community members in need.”  

Sierra View Medical Center, a 167-bed hospital in Porterville, will also implement XFERALL to expedite outbound transfers for behavioral health patients and increase efficiency for health care staff.  

“Sierra View Medical Center is committed to utilizing and leveraging technology to expedite the timeliness of sending referrals to receiving facilities and facilitate and time stamp the communication process and acceptance of the patient electronically,” said Jeffery Hudson-Covolo, DNP, RN, chief nursing officer and vice president for patient care services. 

The XFERALL Behavioral Health Patient Transfer Technology is available to hospitals, health systems, county mental health departments, payers, first responders and behavioral health hospitals, facilities and programs along the entire continuum of care.  

Learn more about XFERALL on their website or schedule a demo with Randy McCloud at or (517) 490-8442.