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A Special Labor Day Celebrating Our Health Care Workers


Earlier this week, as we do every year, the nation paused to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers and specifically the legacy and ongoing work of the nation’s labor unions. This year, more than ever, our health care workers deserve recognition for their continued efforts to safeguard our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

California hospitals employ 1.1 million workers and contribute $297 billion to the state’s economy. But the added value of health care workers’ care, compassion, and commitment is immeasurable. While it’s hard to quantify their many contributions, it’s safe to say that without their strength, dedication, and fortitude, the outcomes would be dramatically different. Each year, these dedicated individuals treat millions of patients in their hospitals, and their skills are needed now more than ever.  

Through surge after surge, our health care workers have been called into action like never before. All those working on the front lines deserve our respect, admiration, and thanks, not just around Labor Day, but every day of the year.  

Thank you to all our health care heroes! 

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Enjoy the article and the show!