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Associate Member | CareRev  

Hospital Council is pleased to introduce our newest Associate Member CareRev. CareRev, the on-demand workforce platform for acute care nursing, improves nurse well-being and reduces costs for hospitals and health care systems nationwide by providing easy access to a flexible workforce. More than 22,000 (and growing) highly qualified nurses use the CareRev app to take control of their careers, working when and where they want. 

CareRev aggregates shifts and professionals into one technology platform to seamlessly connect hospitals and health systems to local, fully vetted nurses, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, and technology professionals. Facilities can easily manage staffing needs through the mobile app, where professionals pick up shifts that fit their schedules. Users can connect to the per diem pool with thousands of highly qualified, ready-to-work clinical care professionals when needed. 

The CareRev mobile app provides: 

  • Centralized staffing visibility 
  • Ability to rebuild a float pool program 
  • Real-time updates 
  • In-app notifications 
  • Shift scheduling across all flexible resources 

Users do not have to rely on staffing agencies or travel nurses to make sure their facility has the right staff to meet patient needs.