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Behavioral Health Patient Transfer Platform Available for CA Hospitals


Hospital Council – Northern & Central California; Sheree Lowe, CHA vice president, behavioral health


Patients with psychiatric care needs wait three times as long for clinically appropriate care in hospital emergency departments than patients with other care needs. Based upon anecdotal feedback from member hospitals, this length of time has only grown during COVID-19. With an aim to endorse companies providing solutions for the most pressing needs of our member hospitals, Hospital Council has been evaluating the behavioral health patient transfer platform, XFERALL.

XFERALL’s mobile platform allows acute care hospitals to efficiently locate available, clinically appropriate beds within a selected radius of the hospital or patient’s home. Hospitals or other sending facilities (such as law enforcement or mobile crisis teams) can also attach relevant clinical data, track transfer time, and receive post-hospitalization information to ensure consistent patient care.

Takeaway/Next Steps

Hospital Council will hold informational demos in the coming weeks. If you’re eager to learn more about XFERALL now, please reach out to RVP Meghan Hardin or contact them directly at