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CA Invests in Humboldt County Continuum of Care


  • State Senator Mike McGuire (D-Santa Rosa), Humboldt County 


On July 22, Sen. McGuire announced a $5 million investment in Humboldt County health care and behavioral health. The investments include:  

  • $2.5 million for the California State University, Humboldt nursing program  
  • $500,000 for the College of the Redwoods nursing program 
  • $2 million for the creation of a crisis residential treatment (CRT) care center. Humboldt’s psychiatric health care facility SemperVirens is housed in a very old facility that can’t accommodate the full needs of the county’s behavioral health patients. The opening of a CRT will provide some relief to that strain.  

These investments will support both patient continuum of care and critical staffing needs within hospitals along the Redwood Coast.