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Financial Instability, Other Issues Discussed


  • North bay Section CEOs & designees


Leaders gathered in person in Napa to meet new colleagues (welcome Abhishek Dosi of Kaiser Permanente and Troy Gideon of Providence), discuss critical issues, and enjoy an evening of fine company in the bucolic Napa Valley. Following a discussion of hospital financial viability and CHA’s related advocacy, the conversation coalesced around three top issues of concern: seismic advocacy strategy, the overwhelming numbers of patients on a 5150 hold sitting in the emergency department, and collaborating with county partners to innovate enhanced support for individuals struggling with unmet behavioral health needs.

Tristan Ivy, Santa Rosa Behavioral Health, shared that they are on track to open 40 additional behavioral health beds by the end of Q3 and are currently evaluating what needs are the greatest in the North Bay. Other hospitals shared they’ve explored a “Be Well-style” model with community partners, and there was general consensus that it would be a welcome addition to the North Bay health care community.