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Hospital Council Participates in Rural-Focused Events


  • Insure the Uninsured Project (ITUP)
  • California State Rural Health Association (CSRHA)


Hospital Council participated in two recent gatherings, one with ITUP and another with CSRHA. ITUP has new leadership and is seeking input on strategic direction. Hospital Council was asked to provide a perspective on rural hospitals and shared critical workforce and funding challenges.

The CSRHA event emphasized that California is a rural state and the importance of rural communities to all Californians who depend on them for food, water, fuel, and caring for the 60% of the state that is made up of rural areas. The future of rural hospitals and communities depends on successful advocacy with all legislators, including those in urban areas.

Hospital Council will continue to seek any and every opportunity to educate about and advocate for rural hospitals. That advocacy must go well beyond rural legislators and include all legislators, each of whom represents an area that depends on rural communities for survival.