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Hospital Leaders Meet with State Sen. Bill Dodd


  • State Sen. Bill Dodd (D-Napa)
  • Konard Jones, CEO, NorthBay Healthcare
  • Rachael McKinney, CEO, Sutter Davis Hospital
  • Rony Berdugo, legislative advocate, CHA
  • Steve Herber, MD, CEO, Adventist St. Helena
  • Terry Wooten, CEO, Queen of the Valley Medical Center
  • Hospital Council


The CEOs representing hospitals in California’s Senate District 3 met with Sen. Dodd on Nov. 8 to discuss issues most pertinent to their facilities. Each CEO had the opportunity to talk about the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on their pre-existing workforce struggles, especially against the backdrop of the cost of living in Senate District 3. Sen. Dodd was empathetic to the concerns around workforce, behavioral health, and COVID-19 response, re-committing his support to any initiatives supportive of community health. The executives also had the opportunity to compare the multiple disasters their facilities have weathered over the past several years with the looming seismic upgrade mandate and what that mandate, if unchanged, would mean to them financially. 

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