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PG&E Offers Rebates for Some Freezers

PG&E is providing rebates for ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers. All the requirements need to be met in order to qualify, but this is a good opportunity for hospitals buying energy-efficient ULT freezers in preparation for a COVID-19 vaccine.

 Requirements for a ULT freezer include:

  • The freezer must have an Energy Star label.
  • The doors must be mounted on vertical hinges.
  • The volume must be between 15 and 29 cubic feet (0.425-0.821 cubic meters).
  • The freezer must be capable of maintaining temperatures down to -80 degrees Celsius.
  • The installation address must have a commercial electric account with PG&E.
Rebate CodeDescriptionRebate/Unit Measure
RF006High Efficiency ULT (-80 degrees Celsius) 15 to <24 cubic feet$300
RF007High Efficiency ULT (-80 degrees Celsius) 24 to 29 cubic feet$600

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