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Platform Drastically Reducing Time it Takes for Psychiatric Patient Transfers

XFERALL, a real-time, national behavioral health network that proactively matches patient needs to facility capabilities, launched earlier this year in California and the results have been remarkable.  

The initial launch in California included working with over 44 hospitals and county agencies. In less than three months, providers and county partners have achieved amazing initial results: 

  • XFERALL’s program has expedited psychiatric placement for 535 patients.  
  • Median referral and transfer request response times are under five minutes.  
  • “An estimated” cost savings for a hospital sending 200 patients per month is $300,000, which equates to $3.6 million in annual savings in this pilot launch alone. 
  • XFERALL bed placement time for psychiatric transfers is under two hours, notably drastically reduced from several hours prior to launch.  
  • In the first six weeks, referring health systems experienced a 53.8% decrease in the time to secure placement for behavioral health patient transfers.  

The platform expedites outbound patient transfers and accelerates inbound patient referrals with a feature rich electronic platform that streamlines and automates every step of the patient transfer process. Hospital Council — Northern & Central California partnered with XFERALL to bring this solution to address behavioral health boarding and overcrowded emergency departments in the state.  

There are several policies and legislative actions being considered in California. The platform can support requirements such as tracking time for the 72-hour rule for 5150s, EMS offboarding coordination with hospitals, Timely Access to Care Act, and real-time coordination with providers, counties, and payers. XFERALL continues to listen to and develop programs to meet these future needs. Learn more about how to join this initiative and be a part of the transformative program.