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Redwood Coast CEOs Gather for Section Meeting


  • Hospital Council – Northern & Central California
  • Pamela Floyd, Mad River Community Hospital Interim COO
  • Dietmar Grellman, CHA Sr. Vice President, Policy
  • Mitchell J. Hanna, Sutter Coast Hospital CEO
  • Matt Rees, Jerold Phelps Community Hospital CEO
  • Douglas Shaw, Mad River Community Hospital CEO


Hospital leaders in Humboldt and Del Norte counties spoke with CHA Sr. Vice President of Policy Dietmar Grellman about CHA’s 2021 legislative highlights and where rural hospitals would like to see priorities in 2022. Echoing leaders throughout the state, the workforce remains a top concern, as does the ever-escalating expense associated with travelling staff. Matt Rees shared that Jerold Phelps has purchased two properties for the purpose of building high-density housing for staff and travelers; Phelps has also purchased a vehicle for patient transportation.

Following a punishing bout of COVID-19 in Del Norte County that saw two-thirds of Sutter Coast Hospital filled with COVID-19 patients at one point, Mitchell Hanna shared his facility’s positive experience with state intervention and support to provide testing and monoclonal antibody administration tents on campus. Mad River appreciates CHA’s efforts to reform the 2030 seismic mandate and urges leadership to understand that single-story wood frame structures must be considered separately in the event of a major seismic event.

Additionally, Redwood Memorial Chief Executive Roberta Luskin-Hawk, MD, was unable to attend the meeting, but shortly after announced that the hospital has major plans to construct a new ICU.

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