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Streamlining Behavioral Health Patient Transfers – Introducing XFERALL™: Participant Information Page

Program originally recorded March 22, 2022

A new tool to help hospitals reduce the strain on overcrowded emergency departments and get behavioral health patients to appropriate inpatient treatment facilities more quickly is coming to California.

XFERALL™ proactively matches patient needs to facility capabilities, connecting health care professionals to nearby facilities with the resources to treat patients’ specific conditions. The result is faster patient transfers and better patient care; health care organizations in other regions have experienced lower costs and:

  • 86 percent reduction in patient transfer times
  • 70 percent of behavioral health patients being placed in an appropriate care facility in under three hours

Join Hospital Council – Northern and Central California for a discussion about this real-time patient transfer technology and see how it can streamline the process of transferring behavioral health patients to receiving hospitals, provide richer aggregated patient transfer data, and free-up emergency department resources. 

This win-win-win for patients, sending hospitals and receiving hospitals is ready to launch. Learn more and get your questions answered.

Shana Palmieri, LCSW
Chief Clinical Officer

For additional assistance and other inquiries, email CHA’s Education Department at education@calhospital.org.