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Challenges Continue in Rural North, but There’s Also Good News


  • North State Hospitals


Many hospitals serve a sizeable Medi-Cal population, making the upcoming Medi-Cal redeterminations a big topic of conversation. Some counties are well positioned to promptly complete redeterminations, while others have staffing challenges that make timely completion difficult. Hospital Council is working wherever possible with payers and counties to help this county-led process.

The lack of skilled-nursing facility beds continues to be a problem for many hospitals, leading to busy and backed-up emergency departments. Hospital Council is also working to resolve several reimbursement and process issues with Anthem; however, the going is slow and complex.

There is good news to share, including that many workforce recruiting and retention dollars and programs are now available through the Department of Health Care Access and Information. Hospital Council recently facilitated a one-hour webinar on millions of dollars in loans, grants, and more for many different types of caregivers. A recording will soon be available on the CHA website.

Seneca Hospital is well on its way to building a new hospital on the shores of Lake Almanor, and Adventist Health has announced significant additions to its services at its already large and comprehensive Paradise outpatient site. Partnership Health Plan, which will soon be the Medi-Cal managed plan for nearly half of Hospital Council counties, has announced that Sonja Bjork will be its new CEO. The former COO is well positioned to continue Partnership’s good working relationship with hospitals and Hospital Council.