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Group Meets to Plan Grant Application for Hospital Nurse Staffing


  • Hospital Council
  • California Association of Health Facilities
  • Workforce Development Boards
  • County Government
  • California Community Colleges 


On Oct. 5, this group met to plan a grant application for the Good Jobs Initiative. The grant is a collaboration of all counties from Kern north to Stanislaus. Hospital Council is participating in the group to provide direction on the areas of greatest needs for the future of the health care workforce. The grant application will focus on innovative methods to increase education opportunities for registered nurses (year-round programs, night programs, etc.) with special emphasis given to residents of the Central Valley who wish to pursue health care careers. If awarded, the grant will provide funding for up to five years.

Takeaway/Next Steps

The group will continue to meet weekly until mid-January when the grant is submitted. If approved, the group would continue to monitor the progress.