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As California Continues to Face Disasters, Hospitals Remain Ready

If you were in Northern California last Thursday, there’s a good chance you felt the 6.0-magnitude earthquake, whose epicenter was south of Lake Tahoe. Many of our member hospitals did as well, and within 30 minutes our RVPs had connected with 37 hospitals to get status updates; within 90 minutes, RVPs had been in touch […]

Medical Certification Needed for PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program

In 2020, PG&E waived the requirement for medical practitioners to certify a patient’s request to enroll in its Medical Baseline Program. However, this temporary waiver allowing customers to self-certify their eligibility to enroll ended on June 30, and a signature from a qualified medical practitioner is now required.

Proveedor Can Help Hospitals Comply with Supplier Diversity Reporting

The July 1 Hospital Supplier Diversity reporting deadline mandated by Assembly Bill (AB) 962 has left many hospitals seeking support in identifying which of their suppliers meet these criteria. While CHA has several informational resources for members, another resource is Proximo’s Proveedor, which is designed to assist hospitals in compiling these reports.

Turning the Page on the Pandemic

For more than 15 months, while most of the state, and the country, hunkered down — created home offices, studied via Zoom, and ordered takeout dinners to avoid the potential for COVID-19 infection — your hospitals were on the front lines, each and every day. While many retreated, you confronted the pandemic head-on.

John Muir Health takes test inventories to a new level

Hospitals went above and beyond to care for those in need during the global COVID-19 pandemic — but not every role gets the credit it deserves. At John Muir Health, a comprehensive approach to test processing and materials in the laboratory helped to speed diagnosis and save lives.

Tenet Health Brings TeleER to the Central Coast

Hospitals went above and beyond to care for those in need during the global COVID-19 pandemic — even reaching outside their four walls. At Tenet Health Central Coast, an innovative new TeleER program meant patients were tended to without setting foot in the hospital.

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