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Alameda and Solano Hospitals Invited to Plan for SB 43 Implementation


  • Alameda and Solano County hospitals 
  • Alameda and Solano County behavioral health departments 


Senate Bill (SB) 43, which was signed into law in October 2023, expands the definition of “gravely disabled” for the involuntary detention, treatment, or conservatorship of individuals with behavioral health conditions to include those living with severe substance use disorders (SUDs).  

All East Bay counties elected to delay implementation of this new law until January 2026 to allow enough time to develop policies, plans, and communication protocols to implement SB 43 safely and successfully. 

SB 43 raises important questions for hospitals need address: 

  • Who will counties designate to write and release involuntary holds for severe SUDs?  
  • Where will patients on a new involuntary hold go for treatment?  
  • What should the connection be to substance use navigators and medication-assisted treatment programs in hospital emergency departments? 

Solano County launched an SB 43 workgroup in April that includes hospitals. It will meet quarterly.   

Alameda County has invited hospitals to provide input on their SB 43 plans at a stakeholder meeting to be scheduled for June. 

Takeaway/Next Steps

Hospitals anticipate supporting the development of strategies in both counties through 2025. 


RVP Rebecca Rozen at