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COVID-19 Vaccines Vital to All Californians

When it comes to fighting COVID-19, nothing should be off the table. Keeping Californians safe and protecting them from this deadly virus is — and must be — the top priority. And the state’s “first-in-the-nation” mandate of COVID-19 vaccines for health care workers is crucial to containing the virus.

New HQI Program Inspires Culture Change, Drives Patient Safety

CHA, the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI), and CHA’s three Regional Associations have launched a new program called HQI Cares: Implementing BETA HEART® to Build a Culture of Safety. This fee-for-service program is the result of a partnership with BETA Healthcare Group and is designed to create a foundational shift in supporting health care workers on […]

PSPS Webinar Available as On-Demand Recording

Last week’s webinar on public safety power shutoffs (PSPS) and how to make the 2021 PSPS season as safe as possible is now available as an on-demand recording from CHA and Hospital Council. Topics that were covered include: